The purpose of this blog is to post details of upcoming surveys for interested participants to take part in the surveys.

Successful participants who have completed the survey will receive cash payment on the spot as token of appreciation.

What is survey ~
The survey is conducted by Research Company to gather feedbacks/opinions/thoughts from the participants. The gathered information will be used to assist the company to improve the quality of it’s products/services.

Successful participants will take part in a group to discuss and share opinions related to the topics under the survey.

Selection process ~
i. Participants of the survey are selected based on their answers to “Questions of Selection Criteria” posted in this blog.

ii. If you are interested in taking part in the survey, please submit the answers for the “Questions of Selection Criteria” to (cheongsurvey@gmail.com) or sms (012-9234620).

iii. If the answers provided fit the criteria, our officer will contact you for verification.

iv. After the verification, successful participants will receive another call from the officer to confirm the participation in the survey.

Monthly Household Income Definition ~
Monthly Total Income from all people living in a particular household. Income refers not only to the salaries and benifits received but also to receipts from any personal business, investments, dividends and other income. Furthermore, household members do not need to be related to be part of a household.