Friday, March 25, 2011


Date/Time         : Please refer below
Venue               : Mid Valley
Duration            : 2 hours
Race                 : Malay & Chinese (Malaysian)
Gender              : Male & Female
Age                  : 20 - 39 years old
Marital status    : Single / Married
Occupation        : Working adults ONLY
Incentive            : RM200 – RM230 (cash payment on the spot)

We are looking for WORKING ADULTS to participate in our Internet Usage Survey.

Interested, please provide the information for “Questions for selection criteria” as stated below to Cheong via SMS to 012-9234620 or you may email to :

(e.g.: Full Name, NRIC, 012-9234620, Manager, A, A, A, A, A, A&B&C, G1, IUS)

Questions for selection criteria:
1. Full name
3. Mobile no.
4. Occupation
5. Have you attended survey in the past 6 months?
(A) NO
6. Marital status?
(A) Married with kid(s)
(B) Married without kid
(C) Single
7. My monthly personal income is ______.
(A) RM3000 and above
(B) RM2000 and above
(C) Below RM2000
8. How many hours do you spend accessing Internet in a week (PLEASE EXCLUDE WORK PURPOSE)?
(A) More than 7 hours in a week
(B) Less than 7 hours in a week
9. Are you a Tech Savvy and Modern person?
(B) NO
10. Which of the following activities you have performed in the past and or present? (MULTIPLE CHOICES ~ e.g.: A&B&C)
(A) Online shopping
(B) Online transaction
(C) Online banking
(D) None of the above
11. I prefer GROUP ______.
(G1) 6 April, 2.30pm, Chinese, Male & Female, 20 – 24yo, Cantonese Speaking
(G2) 6 April, 7pm, Malay & Chinese, Male & Female, 20 – 24yo, English Speaking
(G3) 7 April, 2.30pm, Chinese, Male & Female, 25 – 29yo, Cantonese Speaking
(G4) 7 April, 7pm, Malay & Chinese, Male & Female, 25 – 29yo, English Speaking
(G5) 8 April, 7pm, Malay & Chinese, Male & Female, 30 – 39yo, English Speaking
12. Survey Code ~ IUS

Qualified candidates who meet our selection criteria will receive notification from us (over the phone) to confirm your participation in the survey.

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