Friday, March 16, 2012


: 28 Mac, 7-9pm, age 25-45, Malay & Chinese, Male & Female, English Speaking, RM300
: 26 Mac, 7-9pm, age 25-35, Malay & Chinese, Male & Female, English Speaking, RM200
: 27 Mac, 7-9pm, age 36-45, Malay & Chinese, Male & Female, English Speaking, RM200

Venue : Klang Valley
Marital status : Single / Married
Occupation : Working Adults / Housewives
Incentive : RM200 – RM300
Criteria : Smart TV Owners are required to bring along Warranty Card

We are looking for Owners & Intenders of Smart TV to participate in our Flat Screen TV Survey.

Interested, please provide the information for “Questions for selection criteria” as stated below to Cheong via SMS to 012-9234620 or you may email to :

Questions for selection criteria:
1. Full name
2. Birth Date (e.g.: YYMMDD; 721224)
3. Gender
(A) Male
(B) Female
4. Mobile no.
5. Occupation
6. Have you attended survey in the past 6 months?
(A) NO
7. Marital status?
(A) Married with kid(s)
(B) Married without kid
(C) Single
(D) Others, ___________
8. My monthly household income / jumlah pendapatan rumahtangga sebulan / 家庭成员每月总收入 _______.
(A) RM4999 and below
(B) RM5000 – RM9999
(C) RM10000 and above
9. May I know what BRAND and MODEL is your TV?
(A) Sony; Model ___________
(B) Samsung; Model ___________
(C) Sharp; Model ___________
(D) LG; Model ___________
(E) Panasonic; Model ___________
(F) Toshiba; Model ___________
(G) Others
10. Is your TV a “Smart TV”?
(B) NO (Please go to Q11)
11. FOR NON SMART TV OWNER, do you intend to purchase a Smart TV?
(A) YES (Please go to Q12)
(B) NO
12. If YES, may I know when?
(A) Next 3 months
(B) Next 6 months
(C) Next 9 months
(D) Next 12 months
(E) Next 1-2 years

Qualified candidates who meet our selection criteria will receive notification from us (over the phone) to confirm your participation in the survey.

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