Monday, August 10, 2015

F & B study for Fine Dinners OR Expert F&B Bloggers ~ 1 hour; RM500 worth voucher for you (CLOSED)

We are looking for fine dinners OR expert F&B Bloggers, Malaysian OR Non Malaysian to participate in our F&B study.

- Malaysian OR Non Malaysian
- Male OR Female
- Aged 30 – 65 years old
- Occupation, Senior businessmen OR High ranking Managers OR Top level Executives
- Visit to premium dinning locations either for business, entertainment or personal dining
- Fine dinners OR F&B Bloggers
- English / Malay / Cantonese speaking

- This is not a sales position and you are not required to sell or promote any products or services.    
- Qualified candidates who meet our selection criteria will receive notification from us (over the phone & SMS) to confirm your participation in the survey.       

Date                 : 1 – 31 Aug (you may choose any one day)
Time                 : Will call to arrange
Venue               : Any location
Incentive            : 1 hour, RM500 worth of voucher from a premium fine dining restaurant for you
Interested, please provide the information for “Questions for selection criteria” as stated below to Cheong via
SMS/WHATSAPP to 012-9234620 or you may email to :

Questions for selection criteria:
1. Full name
3. Gender
(A) Male
(B) Female
4. Race
(A) Bumi
(B) Malay
(C) Chinese
(D) Indian
(E) Others
5. Mobile no.
6. Occupation
7. Have you attended survey in the past 6 months?
(A) NO
8. Marital status?
(A) Married with kid(s)
(B) Married without kid
(C) Single
(D) Others
9. My educational level is until _____.
(A) Master and above
(B) Degree
(C) Diploma / Advanced Diploma
(D) STPM / A Level
(E) SPM / O Level
(F) Certificate
(G) Others
10. My monthly household income / jumlah pendapatan rumahtangga sebulan _______.
(A) RM20000 and above
(B) RM10000 – RM19999
(C) RM9000 – RM9999
(D) RM8000 – RM8999
(E) RM7000 – RM7999
(F) RM6000 – RM6999
(G) RM5000 – RM5999
(H) RM4000 – RM4999
(I) RM3500 – RM3999
(J) RM3000 – RM3499
(K) RM2500 – RM2999
(L) RM2000 – RM2499
(M) RM1999 and below
11. FOR DINNERS, how many time(s) in a month do you dine at premium or 5-star restaurant (e.g. Marinis on 57, Troika Sky Dining, Frangipani, Nobu, Maison Francaise, etc)? _____________
12. FOR DINNERS, do you visited to non-halal but port/lard free restaurants?
(B) NO
13. FOR F&B BLOGGERS, what is your blog’s page? ___________________

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