Saturday, March 15, 2014


We are looking for mothers with baby to participate in our diaper Survey.

- Malay & Chinese
- Mothers age 18 - 40 with baby wearing diapers size S or size M
- Housewives or Working Adults (More housewives>working 60:40)
- Baby weight 3kg – 11kg
- Baby age 12 months and below
- English / Malay / Cantonese speaking

- There are 2 segments for this survey, you must agree to FIRST & SECOND SEGMENTS.
- FIRST segment, shortlisted mothers are required to bring along baby for 30 – 35 mins diapers fitting session/diapers product testing AND to complete a simple diary at home. You will get cash token RM120 after completed this FULL segment.
- SECOND segment, shortlisted mothers from FIRST SEGMENT are required to attend a 2 hours group discussion at our office at Mid Valley, no need to bring along your baby. You will get another cash token RM180.

: 2 April or 3 April, Time to be arranged (FOR FIRST SEGMENT), RM120
: 9 April or 10 April, 1pm or 4pm or 7pm (FOR SECOND SEGMENT), RM180

Venue               : Mid Valley (will sms full address should you short-listed)
Interested, please provide the information for “Questions for selection criteria” as stated below to Cheong via
SMS/WHATSAPP/WECHAT to 012-9234620 or you may email to :

Questions for selection criteria:
1. Full name
3. Gender
(A) Male
(B) Female
4. Race
(A) Malay
(B) Chinese
(C) Indian
(D) Others
5. Mobile no.
6. Occupation
7. Have you attended survey in the past 6 months?
(A) NO
8. Marital status?
(A) Married with kid(s)
(B) Married without kid
(C) Single
9. REFFERING TO THE IMPORTANT NOTES as stated above, do you agree?
(A) YES, I agree
(B) NO, I do not agree
10. Number of children you have? ___________ (1 child, 2 children, 4 children)
11. Baby how many months? ____________ (3 months, 5 months, 8 months)
12. Weight of your baby? _________ (e.g.: 3kg, 5kg)
13. Currently, most often baby using which diaper brand? ____________ (give only one brand)
14. Diaper size? __________ (S or M or L or XL or XXL)
15. Baby boy or baby girl? __________ (boy, girl)

Qualified candidates who meet our selection criteria will receive notification from us (over the phone & SMS) to confirm your participation in the survey.    

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